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A New Adventure

When I started Goûter in 2011, my life was very different than what it is today. The most obvious sign of that is seeing my daughter grow up. She was 5 when Goûter was created. She is turning 12 this summer and going into 7th grade! She has an active social life, has surpassed me in shoe size and very much has her own opinions!

For the last few years I have felt bound by Goûter – that’s how people know me in the DC health and wellness community. When I go somewhere and get introduced it goes like this: “This is V, she IS Goûter!” And although I love that and I’m proud of what I’ve created, after 7 years, it can feel restrictive at times.

Having done Goûter for so long and having an amazing community supporting me and this business, I felt like I’d be turning my back if I were to expand beyond Goûter. This community has become like family and I don’t want to disappoint, let down, or be judged. The negative self-talk in moments like this is real folks! I’m scared of pivoting, letting go and failing. This transition has been a true test for me in terms of reevaluating my purpose. Because if I don’t feel passionate about what I’m doing anymore, then what benefit is it to you or to me?!

I started Goûter as an alternative to taking a lifetime prescription of antacids after I suffered from a ruptured ulcer back in 2011. I started drinking 9.5 pH water, exploring the health benefits of nutrient-dense superfoods, eating a functional plant-based diet, and living a more balanced life. I’ve felt great living and eating this way, going through the normal ebbs and flows of life. But I’ve evolved in so many ways. I’m not where I was back in 2011. My thought process has changed – my view of the world, the role I play in it, and my connection to the land and to the food I eat. I love this process I’m going through but I haven’t figured out how to take Goûter with me on this path. That’s what these past few years have been – trying to figure out how to incorporate my business with my constantly evolving mindset.

I’ve been in a state of friction, a tug-of-war. What SHOULD I be doing vs what do I WANT to be doing? How do I balance not wanting to disappoint my community with not caring what people think of me? But at the end of the day, I’ve always been committed to staying true to who I am, no matter how challenging that may be. The key is to block out the endless chattering of my mind and focus on my heart because that’s where my truth lies. Isn’t that what we’re all in search of? And for me, that means quieting my mind by doing things like yoga, running, being in nature and writing. That’s where I am the most present and where I can really tune into my frequency.

Over the past 2 years, writing has become an outlet for my thoughts and a way for me to make sense of them. I’m finally ready to unleash these musings, in hopes that they can bring normality around feeling this way. I believe we all go through moments like these so why not talk about them?! Especially as an entrepreneur and a single mom, this path can be very lonely. Life is messy and full of struggles – ones that people around you aren’t even aware of. Personal growth is challenging on a daily basis. A heightened sense of awareness inevitably brings about lessons that hurt the ego. But I refuse to settle for a life less than what I know is possible. I’m here to be real, to be honest and to be vulnerable. This is my life beyond Goûter.